Monday, October 19, 2009

Utterly Inspired

Utterly inspired. Did you know that you could have 20,000 friends on your myspace profile and I could have 2 friends in real life and I'd win? It's simply fantastic. Because after all the over-saturation of everything that shines being plastered all over your brain and internet, you will still go to sleep more hungry for real friendship and community then you are hungry for comments on your youtube account and more twitter followers. And i know how to love! Not well, mind you, but I have some experience in it and I am confident I can master it in my lifetime, which is more then i can say for blogging and web design.

So how can i love better? I could start by actually knowing your name, which i can nearly promise i don't. There are too many of you for me to really commit each name and face to memory. That really does sound like you're not important to me, doesn't it? I know my mom's name, and my best friend's name. Why don't i know yours.....
I am afraid I will fail if I try it. But i will try it. So: What's your name? Have we met before? Have you come to eight of our shows and talked to me every time and every single time I have stared at you blankly and then smiled and said "Nice to meet you!" (again)? That is a problem, and if we are gonna be friends, it is one I best address soon. I promise to make the effort.
My name is Ariel. It is pronounced "R-E-L", which is also how i spell it. It is not pronounced like the mermaid, and when people pronounce it like that I still love them dearly, but it really does give me the feeling that maybe we don' know eachother very well. If somebody at the merch table calls me by my correctly pronounced name, I get very excited inside and am much more likely to give them my fullest attention. It is something I greatly enjoy, because it helps me to feel more like your friend. And as mentioned above, real-life friends are a scarcity so I will be happy to have you as one.
Isn't this exciting? I would much rather sorround myself with a group of fans who I can genuinely call friends as well, that care about me and my music, that support what it is i do, and will likely continue supporting me through my weak times and screw ups (And I can support you as well). I will take that any day over a sweet music video in the number 13 spot on your VH1 countdown. So why am i working so hard? I already have what I want. Very well then, I will work hard to strengthen the ties I have with you rather then attempt to create more ties with more people, which will undoubtedly just weaken the ties I have with everyone.

This is, as I said, Utterly Inspiring. You and I can both love and be happy, today, right now. Not when we have more followers, not when we become internet phenomenons. Today. You and I are capable of making others happy and meeting their deepest need of love. I will give this my best shot, maybe even my life. If you decide to do the same, please keep me informed of how it goes.